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Basement Windows & Doors


We create new window & door openings, enlarge existing windows, and replace old windows with new custom ordered sizes. Concrete cutting for basement windows in Calgary and surrounding area. WCB, safety, & Fully insured! call (403)371-4840 today or email us at




When it comes to  Calgary basement windows & doors QC Concrete Cutting does it all. We can trench deep enough to just fit a window well and gravel or all the way down to your homes footing to tap in to the weeping tile and bring a drainage pipe up into the window well for properties that have poor drainage. We can remove dirt off the property, or for no extra charge we can move all excess dirt to another part of your property. Usually about six full wheel barrel’s of dirt is what is left over after we back fill in the window wells.


Concrete Cutting

When it comes down to cutting your concrete to create new openings or enlarging existing openings we have the industries most advanced concrete wall saws. We are able to cut right through your foundation all from one side of your concrete. Our saws are capable of cutting 32″ deep into your foundation so there are no homes in Calgary with foundations to thick for us to cut. (usually we find most homes foundation to be 8″ thick) After we cut out your opening we also push the concrete slab into the hole, break in up with power tools and sledge hammers then if you like we remove all the broken concrete off the property. We make cutting and breaking concrete look easy.

Window & Door Supply


QC Concrete Cutting Calgary always has stock of fire code egress basement windows and doors. We can order any custom sized window that may be required. Our windows our builder grade, double paned, single slider, white vinyl, locking windows with screens. We always stock 48/30 sized windows and 60/24 windows. We can also work with any window you would like to supply yourself. We have installed thousands of windows with nothing but complements from are customers. We enjoy keeping people in our city safe with these fire code window and door openings.

Window and Window Well Installation

QC Concrete Cutting Calgary has two styles of window installation. One style is the direct concrete mount install where we cut off the windows nailing fin and install right into the concrete opening. The other install involves putting a 2/8 pressure treated wood buck inside the cut out then installing the window into that with the nailing fin on, to finish this window we smart trim around the wood buck and nailing fin to give it a presentable image. After the window is installed we install the well. For this we bolt it right into the foundation to prevent any shifting and make sure it is level, some cases we bolt two window wells together if your window is more than 22″ below grade. To finish it off we add gravel and back fill all around your new window well.

Natural Sun Light

They say natural sun light helps with vitamin D and also can reduce depression. It also transforms a basement into a much more enjoyable living area so you or your tenants don’t feel as though they're in a dark basement. Also it can reduce your energy bill because you wont need to turn on that basement light as much any more. Let QC Concrete brighten up your basement living area with our basement window packages.

Fire Escape Basement Windows and Doors

Egress windows not only a good way to increase your property value, but are required by the City of Calgary in all basement bedrooms. If you are a landlord and you don’t have fire code basement windows you can be fined or in some cases in Calgary if a fire breaks out your tenants could die, you do not want to live with that over your head for the rest of your life. Not to mention the lawsuit that comes with it. Be a responsible landlord or homeowner and don’t let people sleep in basements with out fire code windows. Rest easy knowing QC Concrete Cutting has made a fire escape in your basement that is up to code with the city of Calgary.

Quick link to city of Calgary’s Basement guidelines:

Fire Escape Doors

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