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Radon Testing & Mitigation


Residential radon mitigation is a procedure that is conducted in many residential and commercial areas in Calgary Alberta. Radon testing should be performed by a professional testing company to determine the indoor radon levels in the air that enters your house. A radon test is quite necessary so that you can address any air quality issues and ensure that the right actions are taken to secure the health of you and your family's health by reducing toxic radon levels in your home in Calgary. It may even be necessary to install radon detectors in your house so that the levels can be observed and maintained at the lowest levels possible over time. Any amount of radon gas is toxic and will affect the health of you and your loved ones.

All residential homes in Calgary Alberta, have some level of radon inside the home and radon gas levels fluctuate over time due to circumstances outside of your control such as weather, seasons, the amount of radioactive substances  in ground around your surroundings, as well as the rate of decay in which that uranium breaks down and radon is released into your air. If, your home or residence in Calgary, is tested at unsafe radon levels then it will be imperative to have a radon mitigation professional asses your home and ultimately address radon reduction methods to ensure everything is under control and the optimal air quality conditions are maintained. There is a certain level of concentration that is suitable for breathing established by the EPA EPA Radon Safe Levels and the World Health Organization Safe Level. Efforts must be taken to ensure the conditions are established.

Radon reduction through radon mitigation is the best measure taken to ensure the conditions in your home are addressed, and your indoor radon levels are reduced to an acceptable level. You should have a radon mitigation professional to ensure your indoor levels are achieved. Residential radon mitigation protects you and your family from suffering adverse affects due to over exposure of dangerous levels of radon gas in Calgary Alberta.

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